Simplify your accounting with AI-powered automation

Reduce the time and effort spent on manual financial tasks by up to 95%

Stop worrying about paperwork and focus on growing your business. Easily scan receipts, invoices, or bank statements, and track expenses and income with fast AI-powered scanning and automatic categorization. Perfect for self-employed professionals, our solution works in any language and supports 150 currencies.

Average rating 4,7/5 on major platforms

Why should you choose SparkReceipt?

No more manual input

Extract receipt and invoice information like merchant, date, total and taxes by scanning receipts, invoices and bank statements.

Easy collaboration

Share financial data easily with accountants, team members or your spouse, making it simple to manage receipts and expenses together.

Automatic categorization

The AI will intelligently read the contents of your receipts and invoices, and categorize all your expenses and income automatically.

Streamline and simplify the accounting process

The easiest way for your business to gather receipts, invoices and bank statements

Automatic data extraction (OCR)

Snap a picture of a receipt or invoice, and the AI will automatically extract all information from it and categorize the expense accordingly.

Upload bank statements

Automatically extract transactions from bank statements. Match expenses easily with scanned receipts, and track your income.

Auto-forward receipts from email

Forward any e-receipt to the app and we'll take care of the rest. The e-receipt will be read, extracted and categorized automatically with AI.

Manage finances across borders

The AI can read receipts in almost any language, and offers daily and historical currency conversions among 150 currencies. The app is available in 5 languages.

Monthly profit/loss in real-time*

Monitor your monthly profit/loss in real-time, providing immediate insights for timely adjustments. *The monthly Profit and Loss (P&L) statement may change in accounting once all materials have been processed and recorded.

Lightning-fast tracking

Usually expense tracking apps scan the expense in under 10 minutes. SparkReceipt’s fast AI scans the expense in 5-10 seconds.


Enjoy all features for free. Limited to 1 user, and 15 smart AI scans/month.



Per user per month

Use all features, enjoy unlimited smart AI scans and invite unlimited members. Upgrade to Pro now to secure your lifetime price. We never increase prices for existing customers, and we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Manage your business finances with ease using SparkReceipt

Effortlessly organize receipts, expenses, and income. Automatically categorize receipts, track expenses, and securely store your data. Our free tier offers 15 AI scans per month. Upgrade to Pro ($5.99/month/user) for unlimited scans and additional features, making managing your self-employed business finances simpler than ever.

Trusted by freelancers and small businesses globally

SparkReceipt revolutionized my expense management! User-friendly, detailed tracking, and easy sharing.
Jean-Pierre Michael
SparkReceipt is one of the very few software purchased that I have made that exceeded my expectations.
Robert Connoly
Robert Connolly
The Internet Design Co.
Thanks to SparkReceipt I have a quick look to my business accounts status in a glance. It is really impressive.
Rafael Roa
Rafael Roa
System Arquitectura
Excellent software to manage income and expenses, and have the relevant info at your fingertips at any given time.
Melvin Hoods
MJD Brokers
South Africa