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80% recurring revenue

Join our affiliate program and earn 80% recurring revenue for every referral, for the lifetime of the customer. Enjoy a continuous income stream, and make money while you sleep!

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Benefit from our generous 60-day cookie duration, ensuring you get credit for any referrals that convert within 60 days of clicking your affiliate link.

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Enjoy reliable earnings with our net 30 payment terms. You'll receive your affiliate commissions every 30 days, ensuring a consistent and timely income stream.

How much can I earn?

Let’s say you refer just 5 paid yearly subscribers per month to SparkReceipt. Here’s what your referral revenue would look like:

First Year:

  • Monthly Referrals: 5 paid yearly subscribers
  • Commission per Yearly Subscription: $59.99 * 80% = $48
  • Monthly Earnings: 5 subscribers * $48 = $240
  • Annual Earnings: $240 * 12 months = $2,880

Second Year:

  • New Monthly Referrals: 5 paid yearly subscribers (same as first year)
  • Commission for New Subscribers: $48 per new subscription
  • Earnings from New Subscribers: 5 subscribers * $48 * 12 months = $2,880
  • Total Second Year Earnings: $2,880 (renewals) + $2,880 (new subscribers) = $5,760

So, referring just 5 paid yearly subscribers per month would result in $2,880 in referral revenue in the first year, and $5,760 in the second year.

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Per user per year

You earn a 80% recurring commission for every Pro user you refer. This equates to $48 for each annual subscription, and $4.80 for monthly subscriptions - for the entire lifetime of the customer.

Your referrals are in good company

SparkReceipt revolutionized my expense management! User-friendly, detailed tracking, and easy sharing.
Jean-Pierre Michael
SparkReceipt is one of the very few software purchased that I have made that exceeded my expectations.
Robert Connoly
Robert Connolly
The Internet Design Co.
Thanks to SparkReceipt I have a quick look to my business accounts status in a glance. It is really impressive.
Rafael Roa
Rafael Roa
System Arquitectura
Excellent software to manage income and expenses, and have the relevant info at your fingertips at any given time.
Melvin Hoods
MJD Brokers
South Africa

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