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SparkReceipt is a game-changer!

I cannot recommend SparkReceipt enough. This app has truly changed the way I manage my expenses. I was so impressed by its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that I couldn't wait to share it with my friends and family. I even took the time to translate the app into French so that they can benefit from its convenience as well.

With SparkReceipt, organizing and tracking expenses has never been easier. The detailed categorization and expense tracking features make financial management a breeze. Plus, the ability to easily share receipts and collaborate with others adds an extra level of convenience.

I highly encourage everyone to give SparkReceipt a try. Trust me, once you start using it, you won't know how you managed without it. Merci, SparkReceipt, for making my financial life so much simpler!
Jean-Pierre Michael
Artist, France

Effortless and intuitive pre-accounting with SparkReceipt

SparkReceipt has transformed accounting processes for many of our customers. Our intuitive layout makes it easy to use, allowing users to get up and running in no time. Far superior to other pre-accounting software, SparkReceipt offers a seamless experience.

SparkReceipt is one of the very few software purchased that I have made that exceeded my expectations. It does much more than keeps copies of your business receipts, it provides great reports, with easy edit options - it is going to save me a lot of work when I do my annual tax returns - a great product.
Robert Connoly
Robert Connolly
The Internet Design Co.
Sparkreceipt is a must to streamline and automate the process for receipts and slips from meetings and quick purchases. I used to send my accountant a bag of slips every month hoping they capture everything in order for me to be refunded for business expenses I make with my credit card. With Sparkreceipt I now have a realtime view of how much the business owes me and I have a clear picture for what business expenses I pay for. It is a must be for every business.
Esterhuizen Consulting and Coaching
Daniel Esterhuizen
Esterhuizen Coaching and Consulting
South Africa
Excellent start and amazing team. Looking forward to making SparkReceipt my default expense management and accounting platform.
Jon Aron
Jon Aron
Logic Enterprises
Excellent software to manage income and expenses, and have the relevant info at your fingertips at any given time.
Melvin Hoods
MJD Brokers
South Africa
Thanks to SparkReceipt I have a quick look to my business accounts status in a glance. It is really impressive.
Rafael Roa
Rafael Roa
System Arquitectura

Users love SparkReceipt's simplicity and reliability

Great app and well worth it! Love it. I hate accounting and paperwork and this makes everything so easy that I enjoy it! No bugs so far, just remember to take the photo of your receipt in decent light for the best results.

Dawn Wick
Google Play – March 1, 2024

SparkReceipt is a very straightforward app with a clean UI. In my own experience, the OCR is very accurate. I have not had to make any manual entry unless the original receipt is damaged.

Lisa F
Google Play – February 4, 2024

I tried many apps but settled on this due to it’s ease to use & large amount of options. It is so simple & fast to save the receipt & mantain them.. Features of this app are fantastic. I am sure that anyone who tries this app once , will never regret. It got 10/10 from my side.

Hina Mansoor
Google Play – August 25, 2023

You. Need. This. App! What a game changer. Australian user here and it’s fantastic, no more full manual entry, just click/upload and go. If only all apps were this intuitive.

Tania I
Google Play – February 16, 2024

Outstanding, initiative app. Highly recommend any one looking for pre accounting software to check this out.

Michael Haber
Google Play – April 26, 2024

I love this app is great for scanning any document and sending it anywhere you will please I would recommend this app to everybody and anybody who wants something that’s worth your time.

Daniel Mowery
Google Play – October 5, 2023

Great for me and for my accountant. This app make tax time so easy. Having an accountant hours away, this app makes tax time a breeze. Uploading receipts, bank statements, documents etc makes the perfect filing method for me. SparkReceipt reads, categorises and files for me. No more piles of fuel dockets left in the vehicles by hubby either. A quick photo and it is saved and filed. Love it!!!

Cheryl H
Google Play – March 23, 2024

This is an incredible pre-accounting apps. It’s easy to forward email invoices, receipts and it categorizes and extract the relevant data flawlessy. The mobile app also makes it a snap to scan receipts. It’s really good also at handling worn receipts. Only thing I had to correct where things that weren’t really apparent on the receipt (like the date is so faint, it was even hard for me to find.)

Really well done! And the multi-currency and language support is also nice.

AppSumo – April 27, 2024

Saves a ton of time with bookkeeping and the AI is very accurate. Sometimes have to make a couple of minor changes on the scanned receipt populated fields, but very infrequently. One of the best features is they give you an email address that you can send email invoices to and it will document it as an expense. All in all this is a huge time saver for small businesses who may be doing all of their own bookkeeping.

Nathan Park
Google Play – February 8, 2024

Users love SparkReceipt for its efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use