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Easily manage your expenses with our simple but yet powerful tools

Say goodbye to manual work

Let SparkReceipt handle data entry from receipts and bank statements

Automatic data extraction (OCR)

Snap a picture of a receipt or invoice, and the AI will automatically extract all information from it and categorize the expense accordingly.

Auto-forward receipts from email

Forward any e-receipt to the app and we'll take care of the rest. The e-receipt will be read, extracted and categorized automatically with AI.

Upload bank statements

Automatically extract transactions from bank statements. Match expenses easily with scanned receipts, and track your income.

Automatically match receipts to transactions from your bank statement

Upload your bank statement to SparkReceipt, we will extract the transactions from it, and then automatically match expenses to your scanned receipts, and income to your uploaded sales invoices.

Effortless expense tracking anywhere

Access and manage your financials seamlessly from anywhere

Manage finances across borders

The AI can read receipts in almost any language, and offers daily and historical currency conversions among 150 currencies. The app is available in 5 languages.

Automatic synchronization

Capture receipts on your smartphone, and they're instantly ready across all your devices. Access and manage your expenses seamlessly, wherever you are.

iOS and Android mobile apps

Our mobile apps are designed for both iOS and Android platforms. Access all app features on-the-go, from capturing receipts to viewing financial reports.

See the key features in action

Watch the quick video showcasing our key features, such as:

  • Quick overview of income and expenses for any month
  • Upload bank statements and match receipts to transactions automatically
  • Breakdown of expenses and income per category and per user
  • Inviting team members or your accountant
  • Creating separate sub-accounts for personal expenses or sidehustles
  • Forward receipts from your email to SparkReceipt

Seamless financial organization

Manage business and personal expenses separately, and collaborate easily

Business or pleasure? Both!

Separate business and personal expenses easily, or manage expenses for multiple businesses. Create subaccounts for your every business, side hustle or household expense needs.

Automatic categorization

Leverage AI to categorize your expenses into predefined categories such as Travel, Supplies, Marketing, and Salaries, among others. Create custom categories tailored to your needs.

Share and collaborate on expenses

Share receipts, expenses, and income with your spouse, team members, or accountant. Easily invite collaborators or generate shareable links for efficient collaboration.

Keep your financials on track

Make informed business decisions and streamline accounting processes

Monthly profit/loss in real-time*

Monitor your monthly profit/loss in real-time, providing immediate insights for timely adjustments. *The monthly Profit and Loss (P&L) statement may change in accounting once all materials have been processed and recorded.

Detailed financial reports

Generate comprehensive reports on income and expenses, including specific categories such as advertising, supplies and transportation. These reports offer detailed insights, allowing for informed financial decisions.

Easily export your data

Export your data in PDF, Excel, CSV, or ZIP archive with just a few clicks, making it easy to manage and share financial records. Custom exports are also available for Pro plans.

But wait, there's more!

Check out our extra goodies that set us apart

Lightning-fast tracking

Usually expense tracking apps scan the expense in under 10 minutes. SparkReceipt’s fast AI scans the expense in 5-10 seconds.

Unlimited data retention

You always have access to all your financial data, including expenses, income, reports, and receipts, without any time constraints.

Serious data security

We use major cloud service providers and adhere to their best security practices. You can read more about our security practices here.