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About us

Built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Our mission is to simplify accounting, financial management, and document organization for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners by providing an intuitive, efficient, and affordable solution that encompasses receipt scanning, expense tracking, document management, and income tracking.

Built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, SparkReceipt reflects our deep understanding of the needs and challenges of small business owners, ensuring that every feature supports streamlined operations and comprehensive financial oversight.

Our story

As a small business owner, Antti, the founder, was often lost in the never-ending hustle of managing receipts, outbound invoices, and bank statements. He needed a business receipt scanner that fit his specific needs, not just another expense tracker. His requirements led him to create SparkReceipt, a receipt scanner app designed to streamline the processes that bogged him down.

Team expansion

As SparkReceipt began to grow, Antti recognized the need for additional expertise. In the spring of 2024, Antti met Joel Ojala through mutual acquaintances. Joel, with over a decade of experience in fintech and SaaS, joined the team, bringing invaluable commercial success to SparkReceipt. He had previously co-owned and led the Finnish expense management software eTasku and founded ReceiptHero.

Joel and Sampsa Vainio had worked together on both eTasku and ReceiptHero. Recognizing the potential to scale SparkReceipt, Joel invited Sampsa to join our team. With a decade of experience as a solopreneur in online marketing and having worked with over 100 clients globally, Sampsa’s expertise in digital marketing has been instrumental in growing our user base.

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SparkReceipt team
From left to right: Sampsa, Joel and Antti. This photo was taken at our first ever team dinner at restaurant Salud in Tampere.

Commitment to longevity

At SparkReceipt, our approach to work mirrors our commitment to our customers and products. We’re not chasing quick wins or planning early exits. Our focus is steadfast on building and continuously developing an exceptional service tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Unlike some competitors whose development may stall post-acquisition, we’re committed to ongoing enhancement of our platform. We are in it for the long haul because we’re passionate about what we do and the community we serve.

Building on trust

Trust is our most valued asset. It forms the foundation of our interactions within our team and with our customers. At SparkReceipt, we understand that when customers entrust us with their data, they place a significant part of their business operations in our hands. We honor this trust by handling all data with the utmost care and integrity, striving consistently to exceed the expectations set by our users. Our commitment to trust ensures that every feature and support service we offer reinforces our reliability and dedication to user satisfaction.

Fostering psychological safety

A key aspect of our workplace culture is psychological safety. We encourage open communication and proactive feedback among our team members, which fosters a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Understanding that we are all working towards the same goals allows us to receive and give feedback without reservations. This openness ensures that everyone at SparkReceipt can truly be themselves, contributing to our mission without fear of judgment. We emphasize that no one at SparkReceipt operates with ulterior motives—our interactions are grounded in genuine care for each other and our collective success.

Why it matters

This approach not only helps us build better products but also ensures that we operate in a way that is sustainable and enriching for everyone involved. By nurturing a workplace where team members feel valued and trusted, we enhance our capability to innovate and adapt, ensuring that SparkReceipt remains a dynamic leader in expense management technology.

In these ways, ‘How We Work’ isn’t just about our operational strategy—it’s about embedding our core values in every aspect of our company, from the ground up. This commitment to integrity, continuous improvement, and team welfare is what makes SparkReceipt a distinguished partner for entrepreneurs globally.

Founded in 2023

SparkReceipt was born out of Antti's frustration with existing solutions for small business owners. Driven by the need for a better tool, he built SparkReceipt to meet his own needs and those of fellow entrepreneurs.

+5000 users

With over 5000 users from around the world, SparkReceipt is trusted by small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to streamline their expense management and simplify their financial tasks.

Average rating 4.7/5

SparkReceipt boasts an impressive average rating of 4.7/5, reflecting the satisfaction and trust of small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who rely on our app for their expense management needs.

We tried all other solutions in the market

There are numerous receipt scanning solutions available in the market. However, most of them were either too complex or too expensive for our needs as solopreneurs. We have personally tried over 20 different solutions, selecting the best features and enhancing them to be better and simpler. SparkReceipt was built to fill our needs, and it will always be a solution that we are happy to use ourselves. Key features include:

  • Effortless Email Integration: With SparkReceipt’s email forwarding functionality, you can forward email receipts directly to your account, making adding receipts super effortless.
  • Currency Conversion and Localization: SparkReceipt’s daily rates and currency conversions account for comma usage as a decimal separator, ensuring no mistakes during receipt scanning. Additionally, it supports inclusive tax calculations used in the EU.
  • Guest Access for Accountants: SparkReceipt’s guest account feature allows easy sharing of documents with accountants at no additional cost, enabling viewing and downloading of documents without the need for email attachments.
  • Customization and Organization: SparkReceipt organizes your receipts and documents by year and month, and offers customizable tags and OCR technology to extract key information. It’s the perfect solution for both businesses and individuals.
  • Multiple Linked Accounts: You can create multiple accounts, perfect for managing various businesses, running side hustles, or wanting separate accounts for business and personal expenses.

What sets us apart?

SparkReceipt is not just another receipt scanner; it leverages the latest ChatGPT technology from OpenAI for accurate and fast receipt scanning. This means recognizing merchants, even those previously unknown, enhancing accuracy for small vendors and international merchants.

Additionally, SparkReceipt allows users to track expenses, add outbound invoices as income, and store and share other financial documents seamlessly. This makes it an ideal tool for small business owners and individuals.

Our solution supports multiple accounts, perfect for those managing various business enterprises, running multiple side hustles, or wanting separate accounts for business and personal expenses. This flexibility ensures that all your financial data is organized and easily accessible, no matter how diverse your ventures are.

Our vision

SparkReceipt is more than just a tool for scanning receipts and documents—it’s a comprehensive suite of accounting tools crafted from Antti’s own experiences as a small business owner. Designed to address real-world challenges, SparkReceipt offers a robust solution for managing receipts, tracking expenses and income, and organizing documents. It simplifies financial management by enabling seamless collaboration with accountants and team members, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their accounting processes. From its origins as a personal necessity, SparkReceipt has evolved into a powerful platform that empowers small business owners to take control of their financial landscape.

Antti Laitinen, Joel Ojala, and Sampsa Vainio
The SparkReceipt Team

Antti Laitinen SparkReceipt

Antti Laitinen

Antti brings over 14 years of experience in software consulting and entrepreneurship to SparkReceipt. He single-handedly engineered our iOS, Android, and web applications in just a few months, demonstrating remarkable prowess in software development.


Joel Ojala

Joel Ojala

Joel has over a decade of experience in fintech & SaaS. As co-owner he led the commercial success of eTasku, a prominent Finnish expense management software. Additionally, Joel founded and served as CEO of ReceiptHero for 5 years. During this time, he played a key role in developing a digital receipt API platform in collaboration with partners such as Visa and Mastercard.


Sampsa Vainio

Sampsa Vainio

With a decade of experience as a solopreneur in online marketing, Sampsa has successfully collaborated with over 100 clients worldwide, specializing in highly competitive niches. His expertise in digital marketing has been instrumental in scaling several fintech businesses.