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SparkReceipt web and mobile app for pre-accounting

Save up to 94% compared to other pre-accounting tools

For managing 50 clients over a 5-year period, compare the costs:

  • Dext Prepare: $199.99 per client per month = $49,997.50
  • SparkReceipt: $59 per client = $2,950

Thanks to our special lifetime offer of just $59 per client, the total cost for 50 clients is only $2,950. This incredible offer ensures substantial savings and locks in major financial benefits for your practice over time. Take advantage of this opportunity to significantly reduce your expenses with SparkReceipt.

Why choose SparkReceipt for your accounting business?

Break free from costly apps

Affordable solution: SparkReceipt offers a completely free service, uniquely designed to provide seamless bookkeeping support for both solopreneurs and small business owners, eliminating the need for expensive pre-accounting applications.


Streamline multiple ventures

Unified management: Say goodbye to managing multiple services. SparkReceipt supports entrepreneurs who operate several businesses or side hustles, consolidating everything under one license for straightforward, cost-effective handling.


Avoid unexpected price hikes

Stable pricing: Frustrated with continual price increases? SparkReceipt is committed to maintaining affordability. We offer rates up to 90% lower than other vendors and guarantee no price hikes for existing customers, ensuring predictable budgeting.


Beyond simple receipt scanning

Comprehensive financial tool: SparkReceipt does more than just scan your receipts. Our platform, equipped with advanced AI technology, efficiently manages all your financial documents—from receipts to bank statements and credit card invoices, even organizing and summarizing contractual agreements for comprehensive oversight.

Secure a lifetime price of just $59/client

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Scan receipts, invoices or bank statements, track expenses and income with fast AI-powered scanning and automatic categorization. Works in any language and with 150 currencies.
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Offer for the first 1000 accountants

The 1000 first accountants can secure a lifetime price of just $59 per client. This exclusive offer allows your clients to leverage all the pro features of SparkReceipt forever.

Your smaller clients with less than 15 receipts/month can use SparkReceipt for free.

Invest in your clients’ success

Empower your clients with advanced AI technology that simplifies bookkeeping, streamlines expense management, and boosts productivity—all at an unbeatable value.

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Trusted by freelancers and small businesses globally

SparkReceipt revolutionized my expense management! User-friendly, detailed tracking, and easy sharing.
Jean-Pierre Michael
SparkReceipt is one of the very few software purchased that I have made that exceeded my expectations.
Robert Connoly
Robert Connolly
The Internet Design Co.
Thanks to SparkReceipt I have a quick look to my business accounts status in a glance. It is really impressive.
Rafael Roa
Rafael Roa
System Arquitectura
Excellent software to manage income and expenses, and have the relevant info at your fingertips at any given time.
Melvin Hoods
MJD Brokers
South Africa

Great app and well worth it! Love it. I hate accounting and paperwork and this makes everything so easy that I enjoy it! No bugs so far, just remember to take the photo of your receipt in decent light for the best results.

Dawn Wick
Google Play – March 1, 2024

SparkReceipt is a very straightforward app with a clean UI. In my own experience, the OCR is very accurate. I have not had to make any manual entry unless the original receipt is damaged.

Lisa F
Google Play – February 4, 2024

I tried many apps but settled on this due to it’s ease to use & large amount of options. It is so simple & fast to save the receipt & mantain them.. Features of this app are fantastic. I am sure that anyone who tries this app once , will never regret. It got 10/10 from my side.

Hina Mansoor
Google Play – August 25, 2023

You. Need. This. App! What a game changer. Australian user here and it’s fantastic, no more full manual entry, just click/upload and go. If only all apps were this intuitive.

Tania I
Google Play – February 16, 2024

Outstanding, initiative app. Highly recommend any one looking for pre accounting software to check this out.

Michael Haber
Google Play – April 26, 2024

I love this app is great for scanning any document and sending it anywhere you will please I would recommend this app to everybody and anybody who wants something that’s worth your time.

Daniel Mowery
Google Play – October 5, 2023

Meet the Finnish entrepreneurs fed up with current pre-acounting tools

We are building everything from scratch to fix the market

Antti Laitinen SparkReceipt

Antti Laitinen

Antti brings over 14 years of experience in software consulting and entrepreneurship to SparkReceipt. He single-handedly engineered our iOS, Android, and web applications in just a few months, demonstrating remarkable prowess in software development.

Joel Ojala

Joel Ojala

Joel has over a decade of experience in fintech & SaaS. As co-owner he led the commercial success of eTasku, a prominent Finnish expense management software used by over 50% of accounting offices in Finland. Additionally, Joel founded and served as CEO of ReceiptHero for 5 years. During this time, he played a key role in developing a digital receipt API platform in collaboration with partners such as Visa and Mastercard.

Sampsa Vainio

Sampsa Vainio

With a decade of experience as a solopreneur in online marketing, Sampsa has successfully collaborated with over 100 clients worldwide, specializing in highly competitive niches. His expertise in digital marketing has been instrumental in scaling several fintech businesses.

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