SparkReceipt November 2023 Highlights

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14 years of experience in software consulting. CEO for SparkReceipt.

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November has been a month of very fast progress for SparkReceipt. I’ve gathered the main added features and improvements to this email. In addition to these features, a lot of issues and smaller improvements have been implemented.

1. Separate your personal and business expenses easily with Linked Accounts

We have added a feature request that has been asked for a lot: Linked Accounts.

As a SparkReceipt Pro user, you can now create unlimited sub-accounts under your login credentials. Each sub-account shares your Pro status and all subscribed user seats can be used in any of the accounts.

This is useful if you want to track both business and personal expenses, but keep them separate. Or if you have multiple businesses, this feature works in that case too.

To create a linked sub-account, navigate to “Linked Accounts” in the menu, and select “Create new account”.

2. Create custom reports from the web application

You can now generate custom CSV, Excel or PDF reports with the web application. From the sidebar, navigate to Reports, and select “Create a new custom report”.

3. French language support

French people have been hard at work pushing and upvoting for a French locale to the application. I am glad to announce that with help from our users we have been able to fully localize SparkReceipt to French.

4. Improvements to inbound email processing

The email receipt and invoice processing feature has been greatly improved thanks to feedback and support from our community. It now is correctly able to process auto-forwarded emails from any source.

5. Large date format support added to the web application

We have received a lot of feedback about the default en-US date formatting in the web application. But no more – the web app now supports over 100 different locales for date formatting. Choose your own locale from the profile view in the web application.

6. Like SparkReceipt? Please help by leaving a review

If you enjoy the app, it would help us a ton if you’d leave a star rating or a review to App Store or Google Play. This will help users to discover SparkReceipt and make our community grow in size.