SparkReceipt vs EasyExpense

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SparkReceipt vs Easy Expense

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In this article we discuss compare two popular receipt scanning and expense tracking apps, SparkReceipt and EasyExpense.

Both feature automatic receipt data extraction, expense tracking and multi-user features. But they have their very unique use cases that might balance the scale on one over the other..

SparkReceipt: Best for Collaborating With Accounting

SparkReceipt is a relatively new offering in the preaccounting and expense tracking marketplace. Its primary focus is helping individuals, freelancers and small business with their preaccounting tasks. It supports mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a fully featured web app to use from the comfort of your laptop. Its core features are based on the intelligence of the latest large language model AI technology that started with ChatGPT. This has the advantage of deep understanding of your scanned receipts’ contents but the disadvantage of its reliance on a network connection.


  • Fully featured web application.
  • Designed for collaborating with an accountant.
  • Suitable for international businesses: has built-in support for multiple currencies, decimal and date formats.
  • Full support for income tracking.
  • Includes document management and sharing features.


  • Limited offline support.
  • A new product, might still have some rough edges.
  • Does not yet have all the features from long-standing competitor apps.

EasyExpense: A Great Option for US-based Individuals

EasyExpense is a popular receipt scanning and expense tracking app that has stood the test of time. It has iOS and Android apps and a recently launched web app with more limited features. The receipt scanner is fast especially for US receipts.


  • Has probably the fastest receipt data extractor out of all options.
  • Full offline support.
  • Very generous free tier.
  • Additional features like simple budgeting support and a mileage tracker.
  • Great customer support built right in the app.
  • For US businesses, it integrates with your bank and automatically imports expenses.


  • Limited international use: does not e.g. support a comma as a decimal separator and does not recognize vendors outside US very well.
  • The web app is still quite bare-bones.
  • No income tracking.
  • No ability to add documents beside receipts.
  • No accountant role.

A Glance at User Experience

Both receipt scanner apps cater to specific needs. While SparkReceipt leans more towards collaboration and has a more global orientation, EasyExpense appears to be a straightforward, no-frills option, especially suited for US-based individuals.

User feedback for both platforms is generally positive, although SparkReceipt, being newer, might still be working out some kinks.

On the other hand, EasyExpense’s long-standing reputation means that while it has a more established user base, there might be some hesitance in adapting to newer features like adding all features to its web app.

Looking Ahead

The world of receipt scanning and expense tracking apps is undoubtedly dynamic. With ever-evolving technology and changing user needs, both SparkReceipt and EasyExpense will need to remain adaptive. Whether you’re an international freelancer looking to collaborate with an accountant or a US-based individual in search of a straightforward expense tracking solution, your choice between these two will hinge on which features align most closely with your needs.


The decision between SparkReceipt and EasyExpense is not a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider your specific requirements, and perhaps even test out both platforms before making a choice. The technological landscape is rapidly shifting, and with it, the tools we use must adapt. Both these apps offer compelling advantages, and the best choice in the end lies in the hands of the user.