What Is Pre-accounting and Why You Need a Receipt Scanner App

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If you’ve ever sat down at the end of the fiscal year, surrounded by a mountain of receipts, trying to decipher where your money went and how to classify your expenses, you understand the struggles of accounting. But what if we told you there’s a crucial step before this process, a step that can save you hours and reduce the stress during tax season? Enter: pre-accounting.

What is pre-accounting?

Before diving into the benefits of using a receipt scanner app, it’s essential to understand pre-accounting. pre-accounting is the process of gathering and organizing all your financial data before sending it to your accountant or entering it into your accounting software. This includes categorizing receipts, sorting invoices, and tracking income and expenses. It’s like prepping the ingredients before cooking a meal – a vital step to ensure a smooth process later.

Before I started using a dedicated receipt scanner and organizer for my small business’s pre-accounting, I would spend hours sifting through emails and rummaging through my backpack to find stray receipts. Often, I’d miss receipts or completely overlook expenses. This oversight led to frequent back-and-forths with my accountant and even more time-consuming searches — precious time that could have been spent on actual work.

Now, whenever I receive an e-receipt, I simply forward it to my receipt scanner, and it’s automatically processed and added to my account. For paper receipts, I scan them instantly using the app and then move on. When the time comes to compile all my receipts, invoices, and financial documents for accounting, I’m hands-off. My accountant can directly access all the necessary documents from my account.

The Significance of pre-accounting

Time Efficiency: Organizing your data in advance significantly reduces the time it takes to complete your accounting tasks. When everything is in order, there’s no need to scramble to find a missing receipt or remember a forgotten expense.

Improved Accuracy: With all your financial data sorted and organized, you’re less likely to overlook expenses or misclassify items, leading to more accurate financial statements.

Seamless Collaboration with Accountants: If you’re working with an accountant, pre-accounting ensures you provide them with clear, organized data, which makes their job easier and reduces the chances of errors.

Why Use a Receipt Scanner App for pre-accounting?

Easy Document Capture: With a receipt scanner app, simply snap a picture of your receipt, and the app will automatically extract the relevant details, saving you the trouble of manual entry.

Cloud Storage: No more worries about losing important documents. All your business-related documents are safely stored in the cloud with such apps, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Tailored for Small Businesses and Freelancers: Receipt scanning and organizing apps understand the unique needs of small businesses and freelancers. Their intuitive design ensures even those new to financial tracking can easily navigate and utilize their features.

Expense Tracking: In most cases, these apps aren’t only about receipt scanning. They allow you to categorize and track your income and expenses seamlessly. Monitor your financial health in real-time, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Easily Share Documents: Receipt scanner apps streamline the process of sharing financial documents. Instead of manually gathering and delivering them to your accountant, you can simply invite your accountant to the app. This ensures they have immediate access to all necessary documents, saving both time and effort on your part.


Pre-accounting might not be a term you hear every day, but its importance cannot be overstated. By using a receipt scanner app, you’re not just adopting a tool; you’re adopting a smarter way to handle your finances, making the entire process more efficient, accurate, and stress-free.

One such app that can help you with receipt scanning, organizing, automatic backups and pre-accounting is SparkReceipt. Whether you’re a freelancer juggling multiple projects or a small business owner looking to streamline your financial processes, SparkReceipt has your back. Embrace the power of pre-accounting today and set yourself up for financial success.