Forward E-Receipts from Your Email

1. Identify Your Unique Forwarding Address in SparkReceipt

Find your unique forwarding address in SparkReceipt

Your personal forwarding address can be found from “Email Documents” option in the app’s main menu.

To forward emails to SparkReceipt, first identify your unique forwarding address in the app under “Email Documents” in the main menu. Save this address to your email contacts for easy access. When you receive an e-receipt, forward it to this personal forwarding address. SparkReceipt will process the receipt, whether it’s an attachment or embedded in the email, and you’ll receive a confirmation email once the receipt is successfully scanned and added to your account.

To streamline the process for future use, copy this address and save it to your contacts. If you’re a Gmail user, the client usually auto-saves such addresses, making it easier the next time you want to forward a receipt. To ensure quick access, add this address to your email contacts. But typically, at least for me, just typing the first few characters of “valorbyte” will bring it right up in your email client.

2. Forward Receipts Directly from Your Email Client for Scanning

Forward receipts automatically

From the email you want to scan, select Forward, then Include Attachments, and just send everything to your personal forwarding address.

When you receive a new e-receipt in your email inbox, forward it to the personal forwarding address you obtained from SparkReceipt. Regardless of whether your e-receipt is in the form of an attachment or it’s embedded within the email body, SparkReceipt is equipped to process both.

3. You Should Receive a Confirmation Email

Confirmation email

Shortly you should receive a confirmation email that the receipt was succesfully scanned and added to your account. The ChatGPT AI will extract information from the receipt automatically.

Once you’ve forwarded your e-receipt, you can expect a confirmation email within 10 to 20 seconds. This email signifies that the receipt has been successfully scanned and added to SparkReceipt. Behind the scenes, the app uses its advanced algorithms to extract main details from your e-receipts, such as the merchant’s name, total expenditure, tax, currency, and other relevant data.

By adhering to these steps, you’ll be able to effortlessly integrate your e-receipts into SparkReceipt, ensuring they’re systematically organized and readily accessible.

Auto Forwarding Receipts to SparkReceipt

While manual forwarding usually only takes seconds, setting up automatic forwarding can really help you save time and mental effort. It is usually easy to do with custom filters in most email applications.

Setting up auto-forwarding rules differ a bit with each email provider, but here are instructions for the most common ones:

Gmail / Gsuite



Yahoo Mail!

Use these instructions to set up your unique SparkReceipt address as an auto-forward address. Most of the email providers will require verification of the inbound address, and the instructions are sent to the forwarding address. In SparkReceipt, this verification email will end up in your “Documents” folder in the app. Use the instructions in the email to complete the setup.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure to include appropriate filters so you do not accidentally and unnecessarily forward your whole inbox to SparkReceipt. A good filter is usually composed of both the sender address e.g., and a “subject includes” rule e.g. subject includes “[Billing] Your billing statement for…”. The formats depend a bit on the merchant in question, but are nearly always identical from month to month.