How to Find and Organize Uber Receipts

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Find your Uber receipts

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Feeling overwhelmed by how complicated it is to keep track of all your expenses? Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner or just someone trying to organise your life better, it’s probably the small, routine expenses like Uber fares which make life complicated for you. If this rings true, you can benefit from getting a receipt scanner and management app. We have vetted and collected a list of 6 best receipt scanner apps for small businesses. From the article you can easily choose which solution works best for you.

Forward your receipts automatically

If you’re a regular Uber customer, you only have to forward your receipts to a receipt scanning app to add them to your financial records. The app will read the invoice and input your information by itself so you can focus on the sweeter things in life. Just choose an app like SparkReceipt that supports auto-forwarding and auto-scanning via email.

Find your Uber receipts manually

This quick and easy guide will tell you how. Just follow these simple steps on your phone or your browser:

Locating Uber Receipts on the Uber App

  • Open the Uber app on your smartphone.
  • Find the “Account” tab.
  • Tap on “Trips”.
  • Browse the trips you’ve taken and select the ride you want to add to your accounting records.
  • Tap on the “Receipt” button.

Scrolling down, you’ll see that you can choose between downloading a PDF receipt and getting one emailed to you.

Locating Uber Receipts on the Uber Website

  • Open your preferred web browser and go to the Uber website.
  • Log in to your Uber account using your credentials.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the menu and select “My Trips”
  • On the “My Trips” page, you will see a list of your past Uber rides.
  • Locate the specific trip for which you need the receipt and click on “View Receipt” to see the details.

Within the trip details, you should find an option to download or email the receipt. Choose the desired option, and you will have access to your Uber receipt.

Tracking Expenses with Uber Receipts

Uber normally emails a receipt to you every time you use its services. However, the method described in this guide is quicker and more convenient than digitally rummaging through old emails trying to find the right one.

Now that you have obtained your receipt from Uber, you only have to forward it to your receipt scanner app. It will automatically categorize the information and take care of all your financial management worries. Forwarding receipts only takes a few clicks, and this post will make the process even more straightforward for you. And no, you don’t have to worry about currency differences either!

The most common reason behind personal or business financial management getting too complicated is the small expenses that often remain hidden under the radar because of how trivial they may seem. Uber fares are one of the main “small” expenses for a multitude of people, and their frequency make them feel like a nuisance to record.

These minor expenses build up over time and become serious leakages affecting cash flow. This is why it is so important to account for these expenses, not only for recording purposes but also to help you see how more money can be saved and where spending can be curtailed. It’s often the smallest things that can change your life, especially with a preaccounting partner like SparkReceipt.