December 2023 Features and Updates

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As 2023 drew to a close, it was the perfect moment to relax and cherish moments with our families. The SparkReceipt team hopes that everyone had a wondrous holiday season.

Before we embarked on our short holiday break, December was – as usual – packed with a flurry of new features and significant improvements to the application. Here are the key highlights:

Improved reports

Especially the PDF reporting functionality has seen nice improvements.

As the end of the year draws near, we have received a lot of requests to add columns and various improvements to the expense reports. We are happy to announce that all report modes (CSV, Excel and PDF) have seen big improvements.

Here are the improvements to CSV and Excel report types:

Exchange rates and currency conversions are now included in all report types.

Tax rates as percentages are now included in all report types.

Exported files are now better named, with date and merchant information included in all the file names.

The PDF reporting has seen the biggest updates of them all:

Expenses are now also grouped based on their category, with a total sum now calculated for each group separately.

The expense rows conveniently contain currency conversion information in a nice layout.

Completely revamped fonts, colors and table layout for more concise packaging of all the information.

Duplicate expense detection

The application now conveniently warns you if you are about to add a similar expense or document.

The web application is now able to warn you when you are about to add a duplicate expense / income / document.

This currently works for all receipts and invoices added via the web application or with the inbound email processing feature. The feature is planned to arrive to the mobile applications in the near future as well.

Japanese Language Support

Thanks to the active SparkReceipt community, namely the user YM, the web app has seen a translation to Japanese. The new language will be added to the mobile application too in the next store version.

Smaller Bug Fixes and Improvements

December has seen lots of smaller feature improvements and bug fixes. We have gathered a quick list of all the changes:

List of bug fixes

  • Fixes to the inbound email processing feature. Namely, some rare problematic emails occasionally caused the process to get stuck. Now all these issues are fixed.
  • A fix for the issue in the mobile app where the expense category change was not properly reflected in the expense list view UI.
  • A fix to an issue where the subtotal was sometimes incorrectly calculated when the expense tax mode was “exclusive”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused custom names for default expense categories to not correctly display in the web and mobile apps.
  • The web date detector now also considers the date format priority in ambiguous cases, e.g. 02/01/2024 which can mean two different dates based on the user’s region setting.

List of improvements

  • Added ability to rotate camera scans directly in the mobile app’s crop view.
  • Both the web and mobile apps can now read PDF files that only contain images. These are usually produced by desktop or mobile document scanners. Previously only PDF files with actual text, such as e-receipts, were properly scanned by the AI.
  • Added multiple new date formats to be recognized by the AI process.
  • Exported files now contain the expense date and merchant in the beginning of the filename.