How to Extract Data from Bank Statements with SparkReceipt

Automatically extract transactions from bank statements and match expenses easily with scanned receipts.
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In the world of freelancing and small business management, having a clear and organized financial overview is crucial. As a business owner, freelancer, or self-employed professional, you need efficient tools to ensure that your bookkeeping material is accurate and up-to-date. SparkReceipt is here to simplify this process by allowing you to upload your bank statements, automatically extract transactions, and match them with your recorded expenses and invoices.

Not sure if you have all your bookkeeping materials stored properly?

With SparkReceipt, you can easily upload your bank statements and let our AI-powered system match all receipts and invoices to your bank statements automatically. By extracting transactions from your bank statements and matching expenses and invoices with scanned receipts, SparkReceipt provides a comprehensive view of your financial activities, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Why upload bank statements to SparkReceipt?

Comprehensive financial overview

SparkReceipt’s OCR technology extracts detailed transaction data from your uploaded bank statements. This feature ensures you have a complete and accurate overview of all your financial activities, helping you make informed business decisions.

Automatic transaction matching with invoices and receipts

Once the transactions are extracted, SparkReceipt uses AI to match them with the expenses recorded from your scanned invoices and receipts. This automatic matching process saves you time and reduces the risk of errors, providing a clear and organized financial picture.

Using SparkReceipt to extract transactions from your bank statement

1. Upload Your Bank Statements

Simply take a picture of your bank statement or upload a PDF file directly to the SparkReceipt app. Our bank statement scanner will quickly process the document, extracting all relevant transaction data.

2. Advanced OCR Technology

SparkReceipt uses state-of-the-art OCR and artificial intelligence to read and extract data from your bank statements. This technology ensures that all transaction details, including dates, amounts, and descriptions, are accurately captured.

3. Transaction Extraction and Matching

Our software categorizes and matches these transactions with the corresponding expenses from your scanned invoices and receipts. This comprehensive matching provides a holistic view of your finances, ensuring nothing is overlooked.


Managing your finances doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With SparkReceipt, you can effortlessly upload and scan bank statements, extract and categorize transactions, and match them with your recorded expenses. This comprehensive approach provides a clear and accurate view of your financial activities, saving you time and reducing errors. Experience the benefits of SparkReceipt’s bank statement scanning software and take control of your business finances today.